In the next few minutes I’m going to layout a proven, battle-tested method that you can use (and definitely should use) to generate high quality, exclusive leads for under $10-20/each!

If you’ve ever bought leads from HomeAdvisor, or paid ridiculous monthly fees at AngiesList, or paid your sales team to go knock doors then you know it can cost a pretty penny to get a decent lead in… Over $100/lead is common so we’re told… so imagine being able to generate your own leads for under $10-20/lead… how awesome would that be?


119 Exclusive roofing leads for $4.09/lead


Roofers Most Common Problem

We speak with Roofing Contractors every single day, and one of the main problems we see and hear about is not having a predictable, constant flow of targeted leads interested in their services that can be turned on and off like a tap.

Instead, Roofing Contractors are still heavily reliant on knocking doors/canvassing, cold calling and other offline marketing methods. Don’t get me wrong… these methods work, but they’re getting majorly outdated in this day and age.


The Proven Solution

Nowadays there’s one place where EVERYONE’S attention is… and that is online!

See the image above? Those 119 leads that came in at $4.09 each… those leads were all generated using Facebook Ads.
Every single one of those leads saw our clients ad, clicked it and completed 9 questions including “scope of project, timeframe, any known damage, and more. And of course contact details and street address.
So, now our client has 119 exclusive leads who’ve all claimed an interest in their services and offer.
On average, approximately 30% will book an estimate or inspection, that’s around 36 appointments scheduled.
And again, average of 20% of appointments close into a sale, that’s 7 sales! Let’s say the average revenue per sale is $10k. That’s $70k in revenue!


The How To

We start by targeting a 50 miles radius of our clients office.

We also build out a high converting quiz funnel which pre-qualifies leads extremely well, gathering multiple points of important information and contact details.
We then create relevant ads that promote our clients offer and services, that resonates with our target market.
As soon as a lead completes the quiz funnel, they are added straight into our clients follow up system (a system we build for them), which includes a fully loaded follow up campaign via text, email and voicemail… and also includes a booking calendar platform perfect for scheduling in-home estimates and inspections.
As soon as that leads submits their details, they receive a follow up text, and then enters a sequence of messages all sent on complete autopilot… using this system alone averages a 55-65% response rate. However, we ALWAYS encourage our clients sales team to get the lead on the phone ASAP.



The world is now digital, and to ignore that is a sure fire way to stagnant growth in your business. With advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook holding an incredible amount of data, and powerful targeting capabilities, it’s never been a better time to start advertising, and generating leads using these platforms.

This particular client has added an additional $83,000 in revenue in just the past 14 days from using our proven system, and still has over $150,000 in the pipeline with estimates to follow up with and new appointments being scheduled.
In addition to another +100 leads coming in every single week.
If you’re interested in learning more about the system, how it works and how it can help explode your business growth with guaranteed results… the we should talk!


We’re looking to work with 10 Roofing companies to partner up with on a backend deal which means pretty much NO RISK on your part!
We implement our Exclusive Roofing Lead System, using the steps I laid out above to position you as the market authority in your prospects eyes and flood your pipeline with leads and opportunities.
We have a few requirements:
  • Must be already generating over $50,000 a month in revenue
  • Must be capable of handling 70+ new leads every month
  • Must be OBSESSED with being the #1 roofing contractor in your area

If you’d like to know more about our NO RISK offer, then click the button below and schedule a free strategy session with us!
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